SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Most User Friendly Bulk SMS Marketing Company in India

  DSCR techno solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading SMS marketing company in India, with the best SMS services for clients Pan India enabling direct reach to client and contacts to connect with them. On this Mobile friendly time communication is much easier like no other channel to promote your product and services with ease in a developed platform.

What is SMS Marketing Service?

 It is web marketing and is a promotion of product or service on a mobile device like smart phones, tablets or alternative mobile devices. Its main aim is to achieve the target market. Much like email promoting, even Bulk SMS promoting has become an outstanding promoting tool with the world wide reveal of mobile phones. As a constituency of the mobile endorsing business, SMS endorsing has become more and more prevalent additional and more advertisement mainly SMS based being sent every passing day.

Advantages of SMS marketing

  • Spread and involve customers
  • Build revenue and develop your business
  • Bring fresh response to your business.
  • Quick and easy Promotion Medium
  • 100% delivery to contacts which can bring good ROI to business
  • Cost-effective

It can be a contest to generate a text message marketing campaign that fits in with your company’s bigger marketing policies in an affordable price. Texting lets groups and small, mid-sized companies to send SMS keyword stuffed messages to do direct marketing as well as can do branding in a smart way. We at DSCR Techno Solutions use this technique to brand and stimulate our products and services to the surviving customers. It supports to build a good relationship with our customers. SMS Marketing is the best platform for all the company to expand their business directly. We at DSCR Techno Solutions offer the cheap and preeminent SMS Marketing services in Bhubaneswar.

SMS Package

5,00024.0 paisa*Rs. 1,200*
10,00022.0 paisa*Rs. 2,200*
50,00018.0 paisa*Rs. 9,000*
1,00,00017.0 paisa*Rs. 17,000*
2,50,00016.0 paisa*Rs. 40,000*
5,00,00015.0 paisa*Rs. 75,000*

* Service Tax Applicable

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