Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Do you have a product or service which isn’t available in internet? Then this is the time you should be available in digital Media because the usage of internet is rapidly increasing and people like to serve digitally on each product and services they need.You are in the right place to make your products or services available online instead of going in a traditional way. Digital marketing delivers a digital channel to reach your targeted audience at right time, exact place in a sensible price.At DSCR Techno Solutions we are providing one stop solution on digital Marketing to get your website on Internet and offer worthy branding to your product or service in an ease way.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Cost effective to businesses of all sizes giving an access to the digital world in affordable price.
  • Better exposure of product and services to the targeted audience
  • Less time consuming and offers growth to business
  • Easy way of branding to engage more customers.
  • Customer Engagement and retention becoming ease with Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

When you explore for an inventory of SEO corporations in Bhubaneswar- DSCR Techno Solutions is one of the best Companies. Our expertise in SEO services in Bhubaneswar are such, that we can make your business standout in search engine results page. Our SEO experts, Online Marketing Analysts and Digital Marketing Consultants analyse your website design, and provide solutions from technical front. This analysis advantages us to make your website technically sound and rank 1st page in search results.

We at DSCR Techno Solutions follow the White Hat SEO techniques to help websites rank higher in search engines than your competitors. We serve companies across all industries and provide tailor made solutions for each of you. We are providing industry oriented SEO services and also providing the detail report to our Clients.  Now it is the perfect time for you to check the right platform on SEO and find ways to place your brand in Google and get the real Business growth.

What We Offer in SEO?

  • Industry oriented SEO services
  • Get your business in Google 1st page
  • Tailored strategy to drive result
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Transparency in service
Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic and direct revenue to business by obtaining ads on search engines. Now a days Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to nurture your business in a progressively economical marketplace. Apart from organic listings, Search Engine Marketing increases the visibility of your website 10 times more effectively on the search engines. It embraces of different range of activities through the paid marketing platform. DSCR Techno Solutions offers modified and directed advertising method in Search Engine Marketing. This enhances your business to reach the audience looking for your services and get natural inquiries for business. Main aspects of Search Engine Marketing are to show your ads on highly searched keywords on the first page of Google through the PPC program. You can get lead in short time by doing SEM. We at DSCR, providing ROI based marketing and you can also get ad design on landing page.  If you want to do it by yourself, you will end up spending lot of money without the optimized approach. Our certified Search engine marketing professionals will save your marketing cost and support the business to drive good results. 

What We Offer In SME

  • Focused marketing on investment
  • Getting lead in short time
  • ROI based Marketing
  • Leveraging business in Google AD
  • Ad design on Landing Page
Social Media Optimization

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the traditional forms of marketing that progressed into the digital format. Email marketing is worthy for your business. DSCR Techno Solutions will help you build smoother email programs that maximize the power of marketing’s most operative channel. We use inventive email marketing tools that effort brilliant results. DSCR Techno Solutions is a prominent email service provider in Bhubaneswar. We offer email marketing services for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

We at DSCR Techno Solutions provide the best of our email marketing solution that it not only stick to text but it also includes to impressive graphics and images for active branding messaging. Through e-mail marketing we can direct target to customers chances generating revenue also good here. We can build a database of applicable contacts, which can be used to target email campaigns .We do e-mail marketing by creating and customizing email newsletters. Our team of expert email marketers will design the impeccable email campaign based on your particular essentials and necessities.  Email marketing supports you to reach and engage with your customer to generate direct lead and revenue in constant manner.

Why to choose us?

  • Email List Development
  • Creative Newsletter Creation
  • Direct Targeting to customer
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead nurturing
Lead Generation
Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization

  Social Media Optimization is another strategy of Digital Marketing as the identical media of Digital platforms in whole are turning to be social and mobile permitted. The value of Social Media Optimization is enormous as the existing trends of marketing management are completely attentive on to reaching out to the target audience. This positive dynamism has been successfully added by escalating in Social Media. We, at DSCR are completely confidential to be one of the early editions of this social strategy. We are building customers broadly. We believe in Business ethic and offer the same to our clients which turn our business lead into satisfied customer. In order to support our clients, we continue to control on social strategies which can assist maximum benefit in terms of increased traffic, awareness and revenue to business. Every customer can contrivance his or her own social platform and market through social strategies. We are providing Customer Engagement and revenue to business by generating lead from social platforms.

  • SMO Services at DSCR

    Business Branding in Market
  • Building customers broadly
  • Customer Engagement
  • Clear Reporting
  • Track your Customer
Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a procedure of internet marketing that includes producing and sharing content on social media networks in order to accomplish your marketing and describing goals. Social media platform is flourishing quickly day by day. It provides a great business start-up for small scale as well as large scale industries. Most of the people all across the world remain very active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogs, Social bookmarking sites, YouTube and Google Plus. Social Media is the reason to increase the visibility of the brand and also supports to promote the brand.  You can build up targeted customer directly through SMM at DSCR Techno Solutions. We create tracking report and also social media strategy for your business based on your goals. We also take care of the Online Reputation management of your company's profile brand. You can get direct lead by doing SMM and generate revenue to business. We are here to track your ad performance in Social Media along with several types of traffic repost as well as lead report. As the top Digital Marketing Company in Bhubaneswar, DSCR Techno Solutions has the capability and the involvement to design the perfect Social Media Strategy for your business and fascinate the ideal customers to your website.

Our Build Of strategy in SMM

  • Build up targeted customer directly
  • Keep Engaging with service
  • Developing reach content
  • Tracking Report
  • Generating direct lead
email marketing

Lead Generation

Do you know you can generate direct lead to Business through Online? If no, this is the right time you should look after Digital Marketing and start generating leads online. It depends upon the strategic way you are following to get good traffic as a conversion of lead and customer to business. Contact DSCR Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd today because we are the best in lead generation in an expert level. Generating quality lead for business is our Goal on your niche category. We have been focused on paid marketing. At DSCR Techno Solutions, you can get unbelievable ROI. We are obsessive team digital marketers who love and trust in superiority works, not on quantity that convey result. Share us your obligation, we will do the best, you will see the variance in terms of effect, strategies, level of satisfaction in SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM to generate revenue and business success. We are working with expert lead generators who are going to guide you the way as well as will help you to generate lead for your business to see the growth in front.

Lead Generation at DSCR

  • Preparing Campaign Strategy
  • Quality Leads
  • Focused Paid Marketing
  • Unbelievable ROI
  • Direct Marketing

Want to Enhance your Business Targeted Audience

We believe on strategic planning, continuous Engagement and appropriate execution. Quality, what we offer to customer with a scalable digital marketing service to improvise return on Investment.