About us

About Us

DSCR Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading Digital Marketing and Web site Designing company focuses mainly on 3 important ethics of business, Quality work, Innovative and Speed on work delivery. We work on different technologies to fulfil client requirement to grow businesses. Over the year DSCR Techno Solutions has been designed website of so many customers as well as fulfil the multiple requirements of client side in Digital marketing, Bulk SMS Service, Branding and Online Reputation Management.

“We work on several interactive prospects to turn your business attributes with our successful examined online technologies and strategies and focus on your targeted market segment with trend to bring effective audience experiences with business growth”.


Our Mission

Our approach is to provide our reasonable and best aspects of service to all type of businesses of product and services from small scale to large scale business fulfilling their requirements ensuring quality, quick and hassle free service. We focus on good relationship with client on serving work at any part delivering website design, digital marketing, app development, graphics design, SMS Marketing etc. Our expert team at DSCR is available always for our clients even after delivering the work to help you with any error coming your way.


Our Vision

Our Vision at DSCR Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd is to be the one stop web solution to any business worldwide. It takes a long time and lot of hard work to reach at our goal. It measures where we want to see ourselves and our clients in future. As our Tagline “You grow we grow” measures our goal on client success as our success. The vision lies with a great achievement in work field with business ethic bringing a new standard smartness in work on online marketing business. We want to create healthy and long term relationship with all our clients to fulfil their visionaries in achieving the goal.

Objective of Business

Core values of Google search introduced in to market after Google started different trends of marketing like You Tube, advertising channels and SEO. We started our service with Google as we found it is interesting to work on Trend market. Treating Google as a library of Businesses we started playing with several outcomes of Google like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, You Tube Marketing, Adwords and many more such tools that helps to get businesses the utmost success and audience to business. Leveraging all the tools and enhancing skills of Google we started DSCR Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd to help Business of different products and services to make their brand online, increasing awareness as well as sales that can give revenue to business with a reach to global market.